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Selected as one of the 23 deep startups at this year’s Cicada x Tech23

June 7, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Dovetail Electric Aviation has been selected as one of the 23 deep startups at this year’s Cicada x Tech23, Australia’s biggest deep tech festival!

This event is all about celebrating radical innovation and showcasing the finest in Australian
deep tech. We can’t wait to take the stage and share our vision to the audience alongside 22
incredible startups working towards solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Over the last 14 years, Tech 23 has highlighted more than 300 deep tech companies.

“Deep technologies are remarkable breakthroughs in science and engineering, with the
potential to have a far-reaching impact on big, seemingly intractable, issues in the world.
Deep tech ventures, like the 23 companies at Tech23, are finding commercial applications for
these innovations,” Cicada Innovations CEO Sally-Ann Williams said.

“These ventures often utilise or develop innovations in fields such as AI, biotech, robotics,
quantum, and it’s rare for these innovations to have applications in one sector alone, such as
aerospace or medicine. For example, we might see space technologies used to monitor
agricultural conditions or provide healthcare solutions, or an AI technology might be applied
both to the monitoring of a patient and as a smart cities’ solution. At Cicada x Tech23, we
want to spark this meaningful conversation and ask questions that urge us all to dream big,
imagine new holistic approaches and think in systems, not silos.”

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