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Nil-emission solutions

Dovetail Story
Dovetail was founded in 2020, with a mission to reduce the carbon footprint and to be a game changer for regional transport.
Our values
No compromise
We are True Zero Emissions, we don’t burn anything and no climate warming pollutants are generated. We believe our planet does not have the time to play with halfway solutions like hybrid systems or burning hydrogen. Batteries and fuel cells, with hydrogen and electricity generated from renewable sources… This is the Way.
We can only succeed if we do it Together. With our partners, with our investors, with our customers, with our employees… Climate change is the biggest challenge the humanity may face and we need to work together to fight it. We don’t underestimate the magnitude of the problem and we know working together is a must, and the passion and the hard work of all our team members – no contribution is small – is required to stop aviation from being a laggard in our joint responsibility to address global warming
Sustainable Impact

Today, not next decade. Connecting communities, not providing guilt free luxury solutions for the few. Making use of existing assets and infrastructure, not pushing for massive new expenditure. Regional Electric Air Mobility can not only bring sustainability to the sector, but also better means of transport, democratizing it for those who live in underserved areas and are traditionally ignored by large infrastructure initiatives.

Dovetail’s vision is to lead the regional and general aviation industry into an exciting new, sustainable era by enabling operators to fly commercially viable routes in nil-emission, electric-powered aircraft.
Concept design & wind tunnel testing of DAX-19, the original Distributed Propulsion Aircraft concept developed by Dovetail’s co-founder Dante Aeronautical
Key strategic partner secured for motor supply European strategic investors secured
50 aircraft conversion orders placed Lead strategic investor secured
$3m grant awarded by Australian Federal Government Demonstration of complete Electric System

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