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March 6, 2024
Aciturri, the leading Spanish aerostructures supplier and engine components manufacturer, has announced today its commitment to acquire a stake in Dovetail Electric Aviation, becoming a key industrial strategic partner and lead investor in Dovetail’s seed investment round, Tranche 2.

Aciturri’s decision to invest in Dovetail Electric Aviation reflects its dedication to supporting the development of sustainable aviation solutions. By leveraging Aciturri’s aerospace design and manufacturing capabilities and expertise, Dovetail Electric Aviation aims to accelerate the adoption of electric aircraft, reducing the environmental impact of air travel and contributing to a more sustainable future.

“We are thrilled to announce our commitment to Dovetail Electric Aviation,” said Alvaro Fernandez Baragaño, CEO of Aciturri Aeroengines and Chief Diversification Officer of the Aciturri group. “This partnership represents a significant opportunity to drive innovation in the aviation industry and broaden our contribution to a more sustainable future. We look forward to working closely with Dovetail Electric Aviation to bring their groundbreaking technology to market.”

Aciturri’s investment in Dovetail Electric Aviation underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in aerospace manufacturing. By supporting the development of electric aircraft, Aciturri is playing a key role in shaping the future of air travel, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

David Doral, CEO of Dovetail Electric Aviation, commented on the partnership, stating, “Aciturri’s involvement brings not only financial support but also significant capabilities that will greatly enhance our technology roadmap and accelerate our path to market. Their track record and expertise in high technology aerostructures and engine parts will add immense value to our operations, helping us bring our innovative solutions to market faster and more efficiently.”

Dovetail is initially targeting certification of its first battery-electric powered aircraft in 2026, as a first step to bring a product in the market. Later on, Dovetail will focus on the certification of electric-hydrogen aircraft conversions, with preliminary work currently underway with the integration of Dovetail’s first hydrogen-electric powertrain. The purpose behind an electric-hydrogen aircraft conversion for Dovetail is to extend the range of the battery-powered aircraft.

With this agreement Aciturri becomes the lead investor in the second tranche of Dovetail’s seed investment round. With a total target of USD 7 million, Dovetail split its seed round in two tranches or parts, with the first one closed last year, with the airlines Rex in Australia, and Volotea and Air Nostrum in Europe, as the most relevant investors. In this second tranche Aciturri is leading the round, to be closed shortly with the addition of at least one institutional venture capital fund.  

About Aciturri

A family company founded in 1977, Aciturri is one of the main references worldwide in the development and manufacture of aeronautical components. With a turnover over 380 million euros, the company has two lines of business; design, manufacture and assembly of aerostructures (wing, fuselage, empennage, fairings, movables…) and the manufacture of engine components: primary structures, casings, rings and high precision machining.

Its customers include the main manufacturers in the sector: Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, Boeing, Embraer, Deutsche Aircraft, Lilium, Safran Landing Systems, Safran Aircraft Engines, ITP Aero, and Rolls Royce.

The company currently has over 2,900 employees and work centres in Spain Portugal, Brazil, France and Morocco.

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About Dovetail Electric Aviation

Dovetail Electric Aviation is a company pioneering disruptive electric aviation concepts including both battery and hydrogen powerplants to convert conventional regional fixed wing aircraft into electric enabling aviation operators to fly regional routes in zero-emission, electric-powered aircraft. Dovetail has a presence both in Spain and Australia. Dovetail is a joint company founded by Dante Aeronautical and Sydney Seaplanes. For more information, visit

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