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A new era has already begun

Propulsion system 100% electric
Dovetail is certifying an integrated electric system that includes electric motors and batterypacks (soon also with hydrogen fuel cells for longer range) to turn existing airframes into zero emissions commercial aircrafts for short flights
Electrification of legacy aircraft for nil emissions in 3 years
  • 01
    Customer provide fuel burning turbine aircraft or Dovetail provides it

  • 02
    Conversion engineering Dovetail IP

  • 03
    Electric engines provided by partners, first to be certified for aviation

  • 04
    Proprietary test rig and swappable battery pack Dovetail IP

  • 05
    Machine learning to optimise powerplant operation Dovetail IP
Carbon Footprint
We can abate more than 3 million carbon dioxide tons globally

Reduce operating costs up to 40%. Amortizing in less than 3 years

Clean Energy

No more burning Avgas or Jet Al fuel

Cessna Caravan

Dovetail Electric Aviation is developing a battery powered version of the Cessna Caravan.

Future proof solution will integrate new battery technology as improved cell chemistries are made available, with increasing payload and range every time you replace the battery pack.

Beechcraft King Air
Please contact us to model how the economics of your operations will look like after adopting our electric Caravan. Also enquire about our Beechcraft King Air hydrogen fuel cell version.