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Dovetail Electric Aviation featured at The Guardian

January 9, 2023

The British daily newspaper of global reach featured us in its Australian edition in early 2023. See excerpts from the article below.

David Doral, the chief executive and founder of Dovetail Electric Aviation, says the current generation of batteries are not a good solution and green hydrogen technology is not far enough along in its development to power flights even by light aircraft.

“[For planes] it has to be hydrogen,” he says. “Only with batteries? You’re not going to fly
very far.”

Doral says Australia will be “flying at two speeds” on zero-carbon aviation.

“On the one hand, for long-distance flying, we don’t have any good solution. From that side
of the industry, I think, the future is a little bleak,” Doral says. “On the other hand, we have
short haul-aviation – that is a very different story. We think there’s going to be a renaissance
of smaller operators flying short distances.”


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