Our vision is to lead the regional and general aviation industry into an exciting new, sustainable era by enabling aviation operators to fly commercially viable regional routes in nil emission, electric powered aircraft.

Integrating a new electric powerplant on legacy aircraft

Legacy aircraft to electric for a financially sustainable future

Zero Emissions Aviation

The electrification of aviation has the potential to abate more than 50 million CO2 tonnes globally, equivalent to the emissions of flights <500km.

Dovetail’s propulsion is 100% electric, no need for an aircraft to burn Avgas or Jet A1 fuel.

We will abate 1M tonnes of CO2 p.a. after 5 years of operation, or 2% of the global regional aviation emissions.

Partnerships & Investors

One of Australia's largest regional airlines

Strategically invested and have provided Dovetail 

One of the fastest growing independent regional airlines in Europe.

Providing access to their technical and commercial team to jointly develop market opportunities.

One of the largest regional aviation companies in Europe, amongst the 20 largest in the world.

Long-term strategy to align with Dovetail’s maintenance, repair and overhaul centres.

MONTE is a turboprop aircraft lessor focused on financing and leasing zero emission aircraft

Managed by Montrose Global Aircraft Management, an aircraft manager with 20 years of experience and present in over 20 countries.

World leader in the development of Electric engines for aviation.

Exclusive integrators and distributors of the magniX motor in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and Mediterranean Europe.

DANTE AeroNautical was born with a vision to electrify regional aviation and revolutionize the industry.
Sydney Seaplanes was established in 2005 with its base being the historic aviation precinct of Rose Bay in Sydney Harbour, Australia.
The Alt Air name was chosen to evoke the airline’s ‘alternative’ approach, defining a new way of travel that is green, quiet, fast, convenient and affordable.

Key Personnel & Advisors

Dovetail Electric Aviation Pty Ltd is a joint company created by Sydney Aviation Holdings and Dante Aeronautical

David Doral
Co-founder and Director

Founder and Director of DANTE.

Aerospace Engineer with 25 years of experience in both technical and C-level roles in the aircraft industry

Aaron Shaw
Co-founder and Director

Founder and CEO of Sydney Seaplanes and Alt Air.

Specialising in charter and scheduled tourism and regional aviation services.

Susana Quintana Plaza

Cleantech advisor and Experienced C level executive.

Specialist in Corporate Venture and Innovation activities at large corporations (Siemens, EON, Galp).

Roei Ganzarski
Board Director and Advisor

As former CEO, led MagniX to become the world’s first flight proven electric motor developer for commercial focused aircraft.

Former Eviation chairman.

Fermin Tirado

Managing Director of Air Nostrum’s MRO division.

Specialist in MRO and industrialisation of aircraft conversion operations.


Dovetail and MintAir to Deliver Electric Commuter Aircraft to Korea

“The demand for regional air travel using small aircraft could be ten times bigger if we reduce operating costs by 40% or more compared to conventional aircraft and this is exactly what our electric conversion integration technology will deliver in the next few years,” said David Doral, Dovetail’s CEO, and co-founder.

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