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May 2, 2024
Scandinavian Seaplanes partners with Dovetail Electric Aviation to pioneer sustainable aviation in Europe. Their collaboration aims to electrify both seaplanes and land-based aircraft, marking a significant step towards cleaner air travel.

The company has signed a strategic partnership with Dovetail Electric Aviation to retrofit and make its future fleet full electric. Dovetail is developing an electric version of the popular Cessna Caravan, with 2026 as the target date for commercial certification.

Scandinavian Seaplanes AS is the only approved seaplane operator in Norway and one of only four operators in Europe. The company is currently operating 6 aircraft and had over 1200 commercial flights in 2023. In 2024 the company will also start a land based operation with multi- engine aircraft up to 19 passengers.

Seaplanes will be part of the future of urban and suburban short distance transport in Norway, mainly because they don´t need specific infrastructure compared to other means of transport like railways, roads, tunnels or airports with a major impact to nature. Seaplanes are highly versatile and can be operated from a simple dock along the vast coastline and inland waters of Norway but of course also from all land airports. Seaplanes can connect all the small communities that don´t have a link to the land airport network.

Scandinavian Seaplanes plans the electrification of its fleet by conversion of already approved airframes to electric propulsion, called retrofits. New aircraft designs that need to be designed and certified from scratch will take many more years before they might become a reality.

Dovetail also includes in its roadmap the conversion of Beechcraft King Airs and DHC-6 Twin Otters, the only aircraft on floats in the 19 seat category. Cessna Caravans, Twin Otters and King Airs all share a very similar version of the PT-6 powerplant, and therefore the initial work Dovetail is doing is directly applicable to all platforms.

Dovetail Electric Aviation, with active presence both in Australia and Spain, is the only company that has publicly stated to be working on the retrofit of a hydrogen-electric King Air, with initial ground tests as early as June this year.

Scandinavian Seaplanes aims to be the first operator of electric seaplanes in Europe because the technical solution of retro-fit aircraft is available and the company runs a successful business model with short flights that work with todays battery technology. After introduction of the eCaravan seaplane the company will continue to electrify its land based operation with the hydrogen-electric versions of the Twin Otter and King Air.

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