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Air Nostrum And Volotea Become Strategic Investors In Dovetail

December 20, 2022

Air Nostrum and Volotea have announced today the acquisition of a minority stake in Dovetail Electric Aviation.

The revolutionary agreement between Air Nostrum, Volotea and Dovetail signifies traditional aviation companies’ strong interest in investing in innovative, novel technologies to enable a lower-cost, nil-emission flight. Air Nostrum Engineering and Maintenance Operations led the investment on behalf of Air Nostrum.

Dovetail is focused on retrofitting existing combustion aircraft to electric, to enable a cost-effective and financially viable flight model that is a zero-emissions solution for aviation operators. The agreement starts with an investment in Dante Aeronautical, Dovetail’s sister company in Europe, and brings attached a similar investment position in Dovetail. Dovetail and Dante have recently commenced raising Seed stage capital, with at least two additional strategic investors joining the round, to be announced soon.

The investment demonstrates that progressive airlines are not simply waiting on regulators and governments to impose restrictions on conventional pollution-based aircraft. Instead, working to accelerate the transition of new solutions with the vision and drive to change the current landscape through channels such as Dante and Dovetail.

Dovetail and Dante are leading the regional and general aviation industry into an exciting new, sustainable era by enabling aviation operators to fly commercially viable regional routes in nil-emission, electric-powered aircraft. The companies are closely working together and are on track to certify an innovative new technique that will convert a combustion-powered Cessna Caravan to an electric battery-powered aircraft, for flight in 2025, with multiple aircraft types to follow, including variations of hydrogen-powered aircraft.

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